Monday, August 1, 2016

BIlly Apple Interview

Here's a LINK to an interview I did with Billy Apple, a New Zealand artist, about an exhibition he's put on at the Christchurch Art Gallery. The exhibition features the only Britten V1000 that is still actually raced.

That's me and Billy (above) having a beer upstairs at Smash Palace. (Photo by John Collie)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bad Evil's Norton

Bad Evil finally got a bigger bike! He's bought Ben's '74 Commando off him. There's a bit of work to do on it as Ben had it sat in a shed in Lyttelton for quite a while, but Bad'll have this up and running in no time. Looking forward to going for a decent open-road ride with Bad and with two Nortons from the same year. Will put up some more photos soon once Bad's got it ready to roll.

Footnote: Sucks for Ben to be having to sell this bike! Sorry 'bout that mate. Hey at least it's still sorta in the 'family' eh.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Issue #4 RDU Interview

A week or so ago I was interviewed on RDU about the new issue. You can listen in here if you're into that sort of thing.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

HFoS Issue #4 NZ Launch!!!

Come get yer mits on a copy of the latest Head Full of Snakes. This one's a Special Issue – a ride report of sorts, focusing on the USA (mostly California) and a little bit of Mexico (Baja)... but there's still some of our HFoS classics in there, including the FLEXI DISC and the latest installment of BIKER WOLVES. There's also interviews with NYC NORTON (New Jersey) and WORKS ENGINEERING (Brooklyn), as well as the incredible BRIAN THE BOOTMAKER from LA.

Where: Smash Palace, High St, Christchurch
When: Saturday May 21st, 3:00pm

THE RIDE... this year will be a Poker Run of sorts organised by Paddy. I'd love to see ya there no matter what you ride! If you wanna come on the ride with us...
MEET: 10:00am in the carpark behind the LYTTELTON COFFEE COMPANY. Entrance off Canterbury St, Lyttelton
DEPART: 11:00am sharp!

It's free to enter/come along and we'll have a prize for the winner at the end – a free copy of the mag, a beer and a meal at Smash Palace!

Facebook event is HERE

Friday, April 15, 2016

Issue #4 Printed!

Ok so we're only three pages and the cover away from this sucker being PRINTED! Collating tomorrow and then delivering to the binders on Monday, so we WILL HAVE THEM READY for the launch at the Melbourne Art Book Fair. I'll put more info up here as soon as poss... in the meantime here's some pics of the printing process.

Monday, March 28, 2016


It's been a while but we can now say we will be officially launching issue #4 of Head Full of Snakes at the Melbourne Art Book Fair on May the 1st. Link the the launch here.

We're printing this issue with interns at the Ilam Press and hopefully getting started at the end of this week. As usual we're pushing it! Will post photos of production etc here as it's happening.

See you in Melbourne, or, if you're in NZ we will be having a launch in Christchurch too (probably on or around the 13th/14th of May).

Monday, January 18, 2016

Norton Commando update...

Haven't posted any photos of this for a while cause I was waiting until I was more-or-less happy with it... that and just haven't been in the right kinda mood. I'm sorta getting quite sick of custom motorcycles... for a bit anyway. My Facebook feed and Instagram etc, it's all I ever see, and I'm sick of it. All the bikes look the same now and I dunno but I think I'm just finding it really boring. That said, I'm feeling fairly happy with where my Commando is at... EXCEPT the side covers. I'm gonna strip and repaint them just plain glossy black. I HATE the decals I made for them... as soon as I put them on I realised they look too 'gang-y', and fuck that. I am happy with the tank though, even after a good ribbing from various friends about how I should have got it hand painted, I'm pleased I stuck to my guns and made these decals at school. I won't go into it too much except to say that (like the whole custom bike thing I guess) the hand-painting thing has just started to seem a bit 'twee', a bit 'dinky', and actually too 'crafty' for me. As a graphic designer and NOT an illustrator, I'm more into mechanical reproduction, so this suits me and my schitck I guess. Beyond the decals I'm happy that I've kept the Commando fairly straight. The mods are very 'light', I haven't cut the frame or anything, and all the original bits can be put back on at a moments notice (when I get bored). I like that it looks a bit like it could maybe have come out like this? And it suits my riding better now too, I like to sit a little lower and feel more part of the bike now. That and I just like the way it's looking.. it suits my mood.

I took these photos in the weekend when I was replacing the oil line that runs up to the rockers. Unfortunately the lower banjo bolt had been RTV'd in though and it fell right out as soon as I loosened it, so now I've got the timing cover off for a helicoil or something? Shouldn't be long off the road though and I'm looking forward to riding this to Wellington in March for the Mummies gig there!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cheap Thrills Magazine (book?)

I've been buried in *other things* things lately and motorcycles haven't had a look in, as they say. Tried to get my norton tank sorted for the Smash Palace show but failed when at about 3am the night before I realised that the tank cap I had wasn't gonna fit. Anyway I thought I'd chuck this project up here cause it's what I've been busting my chops on lately...

This is Cheap Thrills, essentially a music zine/journal which was proposed to me by Erin Kimber and which I've (probably foolishly) jumped on board with as sort of an editor, but more designer/printer... and also somehow; collator, binder, trimmer... sheesh, good idea!? Nah it's been awesome, even though it almost killed me getting it ready for the launch on Saturday! One of my students, Luke Shaw, has worked tirelessly on this with me also and he deserves a decent handshake and a few free beers.